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Caritas Hospital's Pastoral Care Services

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Supporting Your Faith, Enhancing Your Healing
with Caritas Hospital Pastoral Care


The pastoral care and medical social work department of Caritas Hospital functions as a part of the leading team of the hospital. It provides spiritual, psychological assistance and emotional support to the patients and to their dear ones if needed, by which it contributes to the holistic health program of the hospital, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The team visits the patients, build rapport and provide services offered by department. Certain particular helps such as financial assistance are made available with the help of administrative team.

  • Sacraments like confession, holy eucharist, anointing of the sick etc.
  • Counselling for patients, bystanders, and staffs
  • Prayer services
  • Regular inpatient visit
  • Enhance the ‘we feeling’ among staffs through activities like birthday celebrations and so on

  • Special counselling for alcoholic patients
  • Psycho-social and moral support for the service users
  • Provide training to social work interns.
  • LIFE- Conducting programs under LIFE.