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Continuity of Care for
Underserved Populations


Department of Community Medicine works in improving health care delivery models in the community. Health service delivery models play a significant role in access to health care. Outreach services acts as a means to enhance health of people in underserved areas. Outreach activity shall provide a range of services to the needy, as well as continuity of care for underserved populations.

Services Provided
  • Provision of medical support to adopted community block with designated community projects- Nalpathimala Karuthal community project
  • Technical and medical support to health camps, health awareness programs and health exhibition
  • Provision of health care services to the underserved population through sustainable health care delivery models- Caritas Lifeboat
  • School health programs including health screening
  • Collaboration with local self government and involvement in LSG health projects- eg. CAN Kottayam mammogram project
  • Capacity Building of local people
  • Collaborative activities with Government / Non-government agencies to support and implement health programs
  • Community based palliative home care services

Dedicated Team of Doctors

At Caritas, our dedicated team of experienced doctors is committed to your well-being. With a wealth of medical expertise and a passion for compassionate care, our physicians are here to provide you with top-notch healthcare services.



Community Medicine
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Dr. Sharon Raj Eliza

Consultant - Community Medicine