Caritas Hospital Provides Sri Lankan Native with Non-Surgical Varicose Vein Treatment

May 2024

Thellakom: Caritas Hospital has successfully treated Ms. Jayalakshmi, a Sri Lankan native, for varicose veins without resorting to surgery. Ms. Jayalakshmi previously sought treatment at various hospitals in Sri Lanka, but all recommended surgery. Upon arriving at Caritas Hospital, however, she received a non-surgical solution for her varicose veins during her very first consultation.

The successful treatment was led by the Interventional Radiology Department of Caritas Hospital. The department comprises two highly skilled interventional radiologists, Dr. Someswaran S Bhattery and Dr. Ananthakrishnan G. Notably, Caritas Hospital is one of the few private hospitals in Kerala with two interventional radiologists on staff.

Hospital Director Fr. Dr. Binu Kunnath expressed his pride in the hospital's ability to extend its services to patients from various countries. He further assured the public that Caritas Hospital remains committed to providing world-class treatment to all patients who seek care at the facility.

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