Dr. Sharon Raj Eliza
Dr. Sharon Raj Eliza

Dr. Sharon Raj Eliza

Consultant - Community Medicine

Community Medicine


A community physician with special interest in community based palliative care, community oncology, women health and clinical epidemiology. She has worked in several community based programs and projects under state/central government, WHO, and international and national NGOs.

  • 2007-2013: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science (MBBS): Government Medical College, Thrissur, Calicut University, and Kerala (TCMC 49492) India
  • 2015 June to 2018 June : Post graduate Resident (MD), Department of Community Medicine, Government TD Medical College, Alappuzha, Kerala. India
  • 2020 September -2022 October- National Fellowship in Palliative Medicine from Institute of Palliative Medicine Calicut , Kerala , India
Professional Experience
  • 2015 (June- December) - Senior Resident, Department of Community Medicine, Government T D Medical College, Alappuzha.India
  • 2019 (March to September) - Senior Resident, Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Kottayam .India
  • 2020 July to 2021 February- Lecturer on contract, Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College Kottayam.India
  • 2021 February – 2022 September
    Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine,
    Secretary,Clinical Epidemeiology Unit, Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre,
    Thiruvalla,India Faculty in charge Pushpagiri- CSI church Community Health Project Punnakad
  • 2022 September (continuing)- Senior specialist, Community Medicine, Caritas Hospital and Institute of Health Sciences, Kottayam. India
  • Babu T C, Saji, Eliza. S. R. Psychiatric morbidity in parents of children with behavioural problems attending child guidance clinic; Public Health Review: international journal of public health research, March –April, 2017/vol4/issue2,page 45-52
  • Eliza. S. R, Nisha R. S, Philip.S. Prevalence of undernutrition and associated factors among female higher secondary students in the schools of coastal block panchayat in Kerala; Public Health Review:international journal of public health research, March –April, 2019/vol6/issue2,page 37-44
  • Cissy James , Gopika G , Irina Mariya Diju, Aswathy T R, Karthika J, Devika Jayakumar, Iekshitha K, Bhuvana E R, Jayasree P J , Cyril Joseph, Frincy Alice Tabing, Famiya M S, Sobha A, Sharon Raj Eliza (Corresponding author) Prevalence of depression, stress, anxiety among professionals working in Information Technology workspace during Covid -19 lockdown, 2020 in Kerala, International Journal of community medicine and public health
  • Thomas R, Jacob QM, Raj Eliza S, Mini M, Jose J, A S. Financial Burden and Catastrophic Health Expenditure Associated with COVID-19 Hospitalizations in Kerala, South India. Clinicoecon Outcomes Res. 2022 Jul 4;14:439-446. doi: 10.2147/CEOR.S365999. PMID: 35813122; PMCID: PMC9270006.
  • Mohanlal, J., Eliza, S. R., Nair, A., & Anilkumar, A. (2022). Antibiotic self-medication-prevalence and trends among adults attending an urban health centre in South Kerala. International Journal Of Community Medicine And Public Health, 9(12), 4629–4633.

Professional Qualification

MBBS, MD (Community Medicine)

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