Interventional Radiology,
Radio Diagnosis and Imaging

Interventional Radiology

The Department of Radiology is well equipped with a range of state-of-the-art modern equipment to facilitate maximum precision in diagnosis and treatment.These include latest equipment for regular imaging along with 3D/4D/contrast, advanced Ultrasound and Doppler imaging, Digital X-ray and fluoroscopy.The Radiology Department also houses mammography units, multi-slice CT and MRI.

Interventional Radiology

Caritas Hospital houses the only advanced Interventional Radiology Unit in the whole of Central Travancore. We offer a wide range of highly specialized, image-guided minimally invasive neuroradiology, vascular, oncology, hepato-biliary, urology and transplant intervention procedures for both for diagnosis and therapeutic purposes.


Services offered:

  • Interventional Radiology outpatient clinic ( All weekdays)
  • Cross consultation with other departments in procedural planning.
  • 24-hour emergency Interventional Radiology services.

The Division of Interventional Radiology undertakes the following vascular and non-vascular procedures:

  • FNAC/biopsy
  • Aspiration/ Percutaneous Catheter Drainage (PCD)
  • Percutaneous Trans-hepatic Biliary Drainage (PTBD)
  • Trans Arterial Chemoembolization (TACE)
  • Embolisation and coiling (bronchial, GI bleed, uterine, traumatic, intracranial)
  • Angioplasty/ Thrombolysis (GI, peripheral)
  • Stenting (biliary, ureteric and vascular)
  • Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) in HCC, RCC, lung and bone tumours
  • Varicose vein ablation and Injection Sclerotherapy
  • Hepatic Venous Pressure Gradient Estimation (HVPG)
  • Trans-jugular Liver Biopsy (TJLB)
  • Trans-jugular Intrahepatic Porto-systemic Shunt (TIPS)
  • Balloon-Occluded Retrograde Trans-venous Obliteration (BRTO) of Gastric Varices

These procedures, which require high expertise, are performed in only a few institutes in the whole of India. The Division of Interventional Radiology is the first in the state of Kerala to initiate the Trans-jugular Intra-hepatic Porto-systemic Shunt (TIPS) procedures in patients with liver cirrhosis. The credit for successfully conducting the highest number of TIPS procedures in Kerala also goes to our Interventional Radiology Division.


Advanced facilities

Varian Unique Performance Linear Accelerator

Siemens Primus Plus Dual Energy Linear Accelerator

Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (RAPIDARC)

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy-Step& Shoot and Dynamic (IMRT)

Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT)

Multi Leaf Collimator-Static& Dynamic (SMLC&DMLC: 58 and 120 Leaves)

Electronic Portal Imaging (EPID)

Virtual wedge &Enhanced Dynamic Wedge

6 MV Photon for Head& Neck and Thoracic Tumours

15 MV Photon for Pelvic& Abdomen Tumours

Electron Beam Therapy various energy (6, 9, 12, 15, 18& 21 MeV) for Skin& Superficial Tumours


Computerized Treatment Planning Systems

Eclipse v13.6: Contouring, Image Fusion (MRI& PET), 3DCRT, IMRT& RAPIDARC

Oncentra Masterplan: Brachytherapy

ARIA: Oncology Information System (OIS)

Varian exchange software (Vex)

4DITC& Coherence Therapist


Internal Radiation Therapy- Brachytherapy

Nucletron (ELEKTA) Microselectron High Dose Rate (HDR) Unit

Radioactive Source- Iridium 192 (10 Ci)


Imaging Modalities


Spiral CT

MRI 1.5T



X -Ray

Dr. Robin K. Nakkara

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Jincy Mathew

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Somsharan Shankerappa Betgeri

Consultant Interventional Radiologist

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