Quality Control

Quality Control Department of Caritas Hospital implements and timely updates the quality improvement programmes in the hospital. The department consists of four personnel and a team approach is followed by them with all department heads, both clinical and non-clinical, to guide the hospital in complying with standards of NABH Accreditation, NABH Nursing Excellence Certification, NABH Ethics Committee Accreditation and ISO 9001-2015 Certification. The department prepares, amends and revises manuals and SOPs of all departments and services as and when necessary. The department reviews the performance of the hospital through different quality indicators captured on a monthly basis, analyze the trend and suggest necessary improvements to the Core Team as when required. The department conducts periodic internal audits, facility rounds etc. to ensure that the hospital is in compliance with recommended standards. The department acts as a facilitator to ensure quality and safety in the services provided by the hospital.

Quality Indicators - Aug 2022

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