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Dr. Josemon K. James

Specialist in Dental Surgery

A Specialist Dental Surgeon with more than 4 years of experience in management of Dental Diseases and Disorders. He has special interests in Prosthetics like dentures, removable and Fixed Partial Dentures, Palatal Obturator, Orthodontic Appliance, Crown and Bridge. Endodontic Treatment–RCT Anteriors and Posteriors, Recognition and Management of Oral Cancers, in which an oral surgeon is an integral part of a team in the treatment of advanced disease.


Professional Qualification

Bachelors in Dental Surgery from AME’S Dental College, Rajiv Gandhi University


Achievements and Expertise

Trained in Conservative Treatment – Amalgam restoration, Composite restoration for anterior & posterior teeth, GIC restoration and pit and fissure sealants

Knowledge in Orthodontic Treatment - Orthodontic removable appliances

Expertise in PEDODONTIC Treatment – Oral prophylaxis, Formocresol pulpotomy, Extraction, Pulpectomy and Topical fluoride application. Pediatric dental problems including the administration of anesthesia specific to their needs, removal of teeth such as supernumerary teeth

Pathologies, diseases in the jaws and facial region that include biopsies and other tests required to determine, diagnose and develop appropriate treatment for diseases and disorders. Non – Surgical & Surgical Extractions. Aesthetic and smile correction


He is proficient in Malayalam, English & Hindi.

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